Candle Wick Dipper

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A Burning Scent Candle " Wick Dipper " is a must have candle accessory.

It is always best to use a Burning Scent Candle Wick Dipper rather than blowing out your Burning Scent candle to prevent wicks from drifting off centre. This will help to maximise the candle’s burn time.

Extinguish your candle by pushing the wick into the pool of hot wax, then using the hook on the end to lift your wick back up and re-centre the wick. This method will coat the wick with wax for easy relighting of your Burning Scent candle.

This method also eliminates the wick smouldering and smoking, keeping your home free of smoky residue and odours.

Made from Bright Steel.

Burning Scent Candle " Wick Dipper " comes packaged in a black gift box.