Q - Why am I not getting a clean burn around my jar? There is left over wax clinging to sides of candle jar. 

A - This is know as "Hang Up". Please don't stress if this happens to you, after the second or third burn the candle will "Catch Up" and you will then continue to have a nice clean, even burn.

Q - Why don't I get a smooth top on my candle when it resets between burns?

A - This is natural with soy wax and will not effect the burning or fragrance throw of your candle. Your Burning Scent candle is made using only the best quality soy wax, Australian premium candle oils and lead free cotton wicks.

Q - How do I clean my candle jar?

A - Try these easy steps - you should have approximately 6mm of wax left on the bottom of your candle jar, 3/4 fill jar with boiling water, let it sit, the wax will melt and rise to the top. The wax will set, then you just pop it out and throw the wax away. If the wick didn't come out with the wax add a little bit of boiling water to jar, this will soften the glue and you will be able to lift it out. 

Q - Can I have my candle made extra strong please?

A - I get asked this a lot. Your Burning Scent candles are made with the maximum recommended fragrance load. Soy wax is like a sponge, it can only soak up so much oil. I know you can purchase "Triple Scented Candles"  but this doesn't mean they have 3 times the amount of fragrance oil added to the candle.

Q - What are Triple Scented candles?

A - Some fragrances have 3 layers (blends); Top Notes, Middle Notes and Bottom Notes. These are your tripled scented candles. Burning Scent has made triple scented candles but I really should have called them 3 in 1 candles as they were made in 3 layers using different fragrances and colours to separate layers.