Soy Melts Care & Guide on "How to Use"

tealight burner with soy melts

Soy Wax Melts give off a high scent throw and they are a very affordable way to fragrance your home. With a good airflow the fragrance will drift around your home leaving a beautiful scent for hours.
Soy Wax Melts are used in an oil burner instead of oil and water to release fragrances in your desired living space.
Soy Wax Melts are solid wax and they are completely wickless.

• Place your oil burner in a safe, stable space away from drafts and anything flammable. Keep out of reach of children and pets.
• Break off 1 soy melt cube and place in the top (dish-like) section of a dry oil burner. Do not add water.
• Light a tea light candle in the base of the oil burner and allow the wax to melt. When melted, a delightful aroma will be released into the room.
• Never leave the oil burner unattended, extinguish the tea light candle when leaving the room.
• After extinguishing the flame, the soy wax melts will cool and it will solidify again. Re-use soy wax melts until no fragrance is released. It is the time to replace with a new soy wax melt cube.
• To remove soy wax melt from oil burner, these are 2 of the methods I use –
1 – put 2 cotton balls into liquid wax, it will soak up the wax, use paper towel to wipe out the dish
2 – let the wax cool and solidify in the dish, use a tea spoon to gently lift up and most times the soy wax melts will pop out.
• Our soy wax melts are compostable and biodegradable

Lastly, enjoy your soy wax melts 


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