Burning Scent Soy Candles and Melts


News and information about Burning Scent candles and diffuser products

Crystal Infused Candle Care

Crystal Infused Candle Care Instructions

Your Crystal Infused candle needs your loving attention on the first burn. You can either leave the large Crystal in your candle or remove them
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fragrant soy candle

Candle Care Instructions

When you light your soy candle for the first time allow the wax to burn across the entire surface to the edges of the container.
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Fragrant Reed diffuser

Reed Diffuser Care and Instructions

Reed Diffusers are the perfect way to freshen up any indoor area of your home or work space.
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tealight burner with soy melts

Soy Melts Care & Guide on "How to Use"

Soy Melts give off a high scent throw and they are a very affordable way to fragrance your home.
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